Samsung announces Bixby, its New Smart Assistant

With the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we have also got to see the new Bixby, smart assistant by Samsung. It is not only a revamped S Voice as it can do all you could do if you picked up the device. 

Some might wonder as to what is the reason of having Bixby if Google Assistant is already in there. These are two smart assistants that work in two different ways. The Google Assistant is great at searching the web to answer user questions, running small system-side operations such as setting a timer or alarm. It is basically great for controlling smart home appliances. Bixby, on the contrary, helps you navigate the Samsung Galaxy S8 in an intelligent way. Just by clicking the Bixby button silted on the side of the device, you can launch it that will help  you with your phone, enabling you to use image recognition to identify close by places, shop online etc. Besides, you can interact with Bixby not only by voice but by touch and text input as well. 

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At the time of release, unfortunately, Bixby will just be able to interface with various Samsung’s native apps such as messages, camera, contacts, gallery and settings. The company will be working to expand the smart assistant’s features working with third-party developers to bring this assistant to other apps.