Known for providing fans with a satiating sniper-based shooter, the Sniper Elite franchise has now come up with Sniper Elite 4. Though it is quite similar to the earlier games in the series, it features some changes and developments that makes Sniper Elite one of the best from good.


With protagonist back to do what he does best: quickscope no0bs, Sniper Elite 4 is set in the consequences of the happenings of Sniper Elite 3 and that too the main members of the German military during World War 2. An agent of the Office of Strategic Services is tasked to go to Italy to help the Italian Resistance force in order to fight against the Germans, completing his tasks at the same time that include destroying downed allied planes to searching for vaccines and more. 

The story isn’t as enticing as it has been in earlier games in the series. Though we have been attracted in the thinking behind Fairburne’s rampage against the Nazis in the past, it appears as though the story was written based on the aims of each mission, not otherwise. Other than finding out who we to assist, we couldn’t become devoted in the theme. However, that isn’t bad at all as Sniper Elite 4 is focused more on gameplay than story considering it is described as “sniper’s paradise”. 


When it comes to the sniper gameplay, you will find Sniper Elite 4 simply one of the best games you have ever got a chance to indulge in. There is no other game that can provide so much satisfaction as you ping the helmets off the heads of your enemies from over 200m away. 


Sniper Elite 4 is similar to other games in the series, which is no bad thing, although it has received a number of essential improvements following the Sniper Elite 3. The most visible change is that of the settings. The sandbox environments of the game are massive, as much as 3 times bigger than those in Sniper Elite 3. The complex and impressive level design in Sniper Elite 4 offers players with a number of ways to remove the enemy and attain their objective. 


In this game, tactics are critical as it’s not a run’n’gun game, or one where you can sit in a single spot and headshot your foes. That might offend some of you, the plethora of ways you can attack an objective implies that you can switch it up and achieve your objective in a creative way. This in turn keeps the game interesting.

Bullet Time 

The game would not be Sniper Elite without bullet time. We’re pleased to say that it makes an appearance in the new game. Bullet Time offers slow motion shots of the bullet as it goes out of your gun and follows it along its route until it reaches its target. However, there is more to it. It’s the X-ray view of the body of the enemy as the bullet enters which makes it stand out. There is no other game with such a mechanic and this is what makes it truly satisfying since you get to see the damage you have caused in real time. 

Power to take up missions as you like 

Though Sniper Elite 4 is not open world like Grand Theft Auto, missions and other objectives can be assumed in any sequence. It means that you can enjoy more sense of freedom as you get the chance to tackle missions in any way you like. In other games, you don’t get this type of option so it means if you are stuck somewhere you can head to another objective, cause a huge deal of commotion and draw the enemies from your main objective away from their posts, which makes things simpler.


The new game mechanics enable you to shimmy, leap across ledges, hang from windows and more. That provides access to better vantage points than was possible before. So if you’re spotted sniping from the first floor of an abandoned house, you can make a silent exit out of the window and look for your next vantage point without being marked. 

More ways to target enemy

Having larger environments as well as improved traversal mechanics provides you with additional ways to kill your targets. Look for for makeshift sniper nests, shimmy along ledges to well-hidden regions and jump across collapsing buildings when you are being followed. You can also find the right spot to take out your target from distance, roaming via foliage, cracks in walls and broken doors. 


It’s not just the mechanics and the environment that have been revamped in Sniper Elite 4. There are other elements that have been improved as well. Now enemies are ore natural and will react in a more human manner. When they hear gunshots, they will wander around trying to triangulate where the sound was coming from. 

We were verged by NPCs. We believed we could take on a squad of troops and had a head-on firefight, taking cover to the side of a doorframe in an abandoned house. But, what we didn’t realize that another team had advanced from the back simultaneously, divided into 2 smaller groups and shot us from both directions at the same time. We were wiped out, but that was exciting. It indicates that we have to put the brains to work and be aware of our surroundings when playing Sniper Elite 4 as all it takes is a single mistake to get trapped and killed.

The Catch 

A downside that is notable is that Sniper Elite 4 doesn't reward you for accomplishing all the side missions, beyond being able to 100 percent the level. They should have some type of impact on the story as there are plenty of side missions available across all missions as we get in other games. 

UK Price and platforms

Sniper Elite 4 is expected to be released in the UK on 14 February 2017. As for platforms, the game will be released on Xbox One, PC as well as PS4. Gamers can pre-order Sniper Elite 4 on Xbox One and through Amazon for £39.99; you can get the limited edition version from GAME for the same price. If you are a PC user, you can get it from Steam for £39.99.

The Final Word

Without doubt, Sniper Elite 4 is one of the best ones in the series. It has added the much need  mechanics that offer a springboard from a good game to an excellent one. If you're looking for a solid open world sniper game, Sniper Elite 4 is surely the best you can find out there.