Replacement Facepad for Daydream View headset available at Google Store now

Today, Google has made replacement facepads available for its Daydream View VR headset. It is possible to get your hands on them at Google Store. Cost? Well, you need to spend some $15 to grab one.

It is a great choice for regular Daydream View users.  Why? The reason is that the fabric facepad may get grimy as time passes by in case you spend long sessions in VR on a regular basis. But if you use your headset once in a while you will not need replacement as such. It will remain as good as new for long time for sure.

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The comfortable facepad attaches with ease and is available in gray color that complements each of the three Daydream View headset colors. Depending on your own choice, you may use it as a replacement facepad, or opt to keep it on hand for when you need to share your headset with others. 

The price tag isn’t bad at all for this replacement facepad as the full headset still costs $79 which is a bit too much for this VR device. So get your hands on one by heading to the Google Store now!