Now you can use Google Assistant on your Pixel phone to control Nest thermostats

Until now, changing your house’s temperature with a Nest thermostat worked perfectly with Google Assistant on a Home device, but not using a Pixel. Things have changed now…

The change is still not visible in the settings within Assistant - where just Home devices have a devoted “Home control” unit. The virtual helper on the Pixel ensures to do what it is supposed to do.

It even works out details such as understanding that “change 273 degrees” is in fact “change to 73 degrees” just the kind of smart you would appreciate from what’s possibly the best digital assistant around, notwithstanding all of its failings and the discrepancies such as the one at the top.

It is an issue of course, and not simply amid Assistant-related tasks themselves that vary depending on the type of device you are using. Many things that the old Google Voice Search can handle rightly also but that the Assistant is strangely unable to do.

If Assistant is even half as significant to Google‘s future as it claims, perfecting things like this will become indispensable. Let us hope it does not require much time.