Nougat soon to arrive on Shield Tablets

We have not heard much from Nvidia for a long time about their two gaming tablets. Nvidia has reassured on Google+ now that Nougat will be there for the Nvidia Shield Tablet and Tablet K1 in the next week.

Though the Shield Hub’s post on G+ wasn’t exactly about the tablets getting an update, the account did respond to client comments. While answering a user who inquired if the K1 tablet would be updated, the Shield Hub account expressed that Nvidia Shield Tablet will be receiving an update very soon. It is not the best answer when it comes to the upgrade to Nougat as to when it will happen, we are at least getting to know that Nvidia hasn’t abandoned the Shield tablets.

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Nvidia is rolling out the “Experience Upgrade 5.0.1” update to the new Shield TV that was revealed at CES.  The update only fixes a bug that caused the Shield Remote to stop reacting to when a button is pressed. Not only this, it is to bring other performance improvements as well. After you install the upgrade on your Shield TV, there will be one more update for your accessories that crushes the bug of the remote.

We previously got to believe that the 2015 Shield TV model would get Android 7.0 Nougat soon, but  shortly after that we got to know that we will have to wait a little more for Nvidia Shield Tablet.