According to rumors, the next version of Android known as Android O will include some kind of “new notifications”. However, what that means is still not clear. We have also got to know through sources that it will feature some type of picture-in-picture mode similar to the one that is available in Android TV. According to the report, Android O’s app icons will bear new badges for any active notifications. There has also been mention of a “smart text selection floating toolbar” which will work with Google Assistant. In addition, we learnt that there will be some developments to the MediaRecorder API for Android O.

Reports claim that some rumors are similar to what we have heard before while some parts are not certain. We have got to know that Google Assistant will be a bigger part of Android O compared to Nougat and that Assistant will be a “system aware entity” in the next big version of Android, having a new way to integrate into other apps.

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It is possible that all or at least some of these features appear in the next version of Android. However, as for others, they might just be in the research phase. It is also possible that any or all of these rumored features might be in the works at the moment for Android O, but they may not be implemented into the final build of the Operating system ultimately. The launch time is expected sometime in 2017 fall. Unless the OS is not out, it is better not to trust these rumors too much. 

For now, what appears to be certain is that we will perhaps get our first information on Android O starting on May 17 at Google I/O developer conference 2017. Till then, let us keep our fingers crossed!