Microsoft is withdrawing Skype Wi-Fi

According to latest reports, Microsoft will be discontinuing the Skype Wi-Fi app by the end of March. It means that users will not be able to download the app while those who still have Skype Wi-Fi installed after the date will no longer be able to find or use hotspots. Microsoft is advising those with Skype Credit to use it toward calling mobile and landline numbers.

Microsoft explained

We're retiring Skype Wi-Fi globally so we can better focus our efforts on bringing you the best possible experience through our core Skype features.

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In 2015, Microsoft confirmed that it was working to roll out an updated and rebranded version of Skype Wi-Fi called Microsoft Wi-Fi. We don’t know yet if the company is still planning to roll out Microsoft Wi-Fi or if it was getting out of the Wi-Fi hotspot access business all-together. However, the official website still had a "coming soon" message, is down now.

Microsoft was preparing to make Microsoft Wi-Fi a service for consumers and business customers. But we don’t see any reference to Skype or Microsoft Wi-Fi on its Office 365 plan pages. Skype is one of the Microsoft business units which experienced job cuts last fall, with Microsoft officials distinguishing the step as a "consolidation." Skype Wi-Fi gives users the power to get online using Skype Credit through over 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the world.