Lenovo’s Project Tango phone will be launched in November

Back in the beginning of 2016, Lenovo was working with Google to develop and launch the very first consumer gadget with Google’s Project Tango. Then, the company declared that the Lenovo's Project Tango be launched in summer but it never happened. Now, as per the latest reports, the company plans to release it next month. Really

The release time is November – at least for now!

Well, while there is no particular date that we have got from Lenovo, the head of its Google’s VR and AR confirmed that the Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro will made release sometime in November.

Standard Features 

Like we already know, Lenovo’s PHAB 2 Pro has a gigantic 6.4-inch display. It has Snapdragon 652 processor in addition to 4GB of RAM. Other than a rear fingerprint sensor, the phone features a 4,000 mAh battery. Though these specs are not all that special, together with some additional camera features, the phone might appear to be something extraordinary.

Camera is perhaps the unique selling aspect

In addition to its 16MP camera, the phone also has 2 rear-facing cameras on its back that help the device better know its surroundings. With the help of the wide-angle and depth-sensing sensors this Lenovo's Project Tango phone can map physical spaces. This facilitates users to network with augmented reality games, steer through indoor spaces – users can even witness what things may appear to be in their homes in their real proportions. Here is something unique and what makes this handset stand out in a crowd.

Decent pricing but what about projected sale…?

The PHAB 2 Pro by Lenovo is decent at $499. However, we don’t have many hopes when it comes to the sale of Lenovo's Project Tango phone. It is in fact designed to make Tango freely available for those who plan to make use of it, taking the tech ahead.