Jigsaw’s New Sideways Dictionary

After the launch of machine learning tool that identifies toxic comments last week, Jigsaw is now coming up with a new utility that offers simple examples for terms related to security. It is  Sideways Dictionary that extends analogies for complex technical ideas. The overall mission is to “explain tech to the world” via using real-world analogies. A DDoS Attack is clarified as “hosting a birthday party for your 10-year-old niece where you’ve invited 20 of her closest friends to attend — only 40,000 kids show up.”

Jigsaw is of the view that not understanding tech could put people at risk of making wrong or even unsafe choices. There are more than 70 terms at launch, most of which are security-related with almost 4 analogies for every entry. Anyone who makes a smart description can contribute, with Google, Facebook, and Twitter log-in. Googlers such as Eric Schmidt and Vint Cerf have added some examples already.

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All of the similarities feature an upvote/downvote button and the finest examples get into The Washington Post when technical words show in stories. Having a visible search box, the site, which makes lot of use of sideways animations, is very snappy on desktop as well as mobile. A great Chrome extension which can scan pages for words can be installed as well.