Is Huawei planning to ditch Android Wear for Samsung’s Tizen in its upcoming smartwatches?

According to recent reports, some Android Wear OEMs, including Huawei, were considering not launching any new wearables this year. Another report from Korea reveals that Huawei might be switching its wearable OS altogether. Yes, it is expected to ditch Google’s Android Wear for Samsung’s Tizen.

Is Huawei going to separate itself from Google’s Android wear on its wearable? 

Well, it means that Huawei is planning to separate itself from Google’s Android Wear on its wearables. But what is the reason? Well, the report says that Huawei is looking for an OS other than Google’s as the US company did not prove to be very cooperative. Alternatively, Samsung has seemingly promised to collaborate in adapting Tizen for Huawei’s wearables.

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Huawei unhappy with the Android Wear ecosystem 

In other words, we can say that Huawei wasn’t happy with Google’s firm hold on the Android Wear system. It seeks to have the power to further customize its gadgets just as we have witnessed with its other stuff such as software on smartphones. The company even called on Google last year to allow additional customization of the OS. But don’t count on it completely. It is only a report so far. 

What will be the impact on consumers and OEMs?

Android Wear continues to live on with gadgets like ASUS ZenWatch 3 and the new Nixon Mission smartwatch, leaving out Huawei may affect how consumers and OEMs both view Google’s wearable OS. At present, Tizen runs on Samsung hardware only and this possible association would be a first for the platform.

The waiting game

While it is possible that this could be the course, Huawei plans to stick to Tizen with its coming wearables, let us wait and see what the story turns out to be.