iOS 10 now installed on 79% of Apple's mobile devices

It has just been slightly over 5 months after the update's release and iOS 10 had made it onto 79 percent of iOS devices. The figure we have got is based on App Store tracking data. 16 percent of devices are on iOS 9, while 5 percent are relying on earlier operating systems.

It suggests faster adoption than iOS 9, which by the same point in 2016 was just on 77 percent of devices, hitting 75 percent in January. In turn that outpaced iOS 8 that took almost 6 months to reach iOS 10's existing levels. As always, Apple didn't specify the reasons for iOS 10's performance. One is likely the record sales of the iPhone 7, which comes with iOS 10 pre-installed.

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The software introduced various changes such as a dedicated Home app, improvement in Siri and Maps, an overhauled Messages with its own sub-apps, as well as notification system enhancement.

These features may have lured various existing device owners to upgrade. A number of users on previous iOS releases are seemingly using devices believed incompatible with iOS 10, iPhone 4s (2011).

iOS 11, The next major version of iOS, is expected to be shown off at Worldwide Developers Conference 2017.