Huawei is not making Google's Pixel Phones now: Huawei is out, HTC in

Google’s Nexus is discontinued and now all we have is the Nexus 6P, the last high-end phone that was designed and manufactured by Huawei. However, Google didn’t wish to end its device partnership with it. Google asked Huawei to create the Pixel phones too but Huawei did not show any interest.  Colin Giles, Huawei’s VP of the Consumer Business Group, expressed this.

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The Pixel phones are of extreme importance to Google. The company is marketing them as the first ever Google phones which is a fact as Google has sold these devices without the direct involvement of an OEM partner. Perhaps this is what Huawei is not happy about. 

While the Nexus always featured the branding of the manufacturer, the Pixels did not take the same approach. There’s no branding other than Google’s, and the company is looking after the sales as well. 

As Huawei wasn’t interested in Pixel, Google approached HTC. This smartphone maker accepted the deal happily and agreed to make the Pixel and Pixel XL for Google’s money. We don’t see the company branding anywhere on the devices other than its battery.