Honeywell offers Lyric Platform

Today Honeywell has announced its first Lyric Cameras. In addition, the company has also unveiled its software upgrade for Lyric Security systems, making the system compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. The Lyric C1 and C2, the 2 new Wi-Fi indoor cameras of Honeywell, pair with the Lyric app in order to access live streaming as well as recorded events. They also extend alerts for when something is seen or analyzed such as a smoke/CO detector going off.

The Lyric C1 Camera captures HD footage at 30fps. Thanks to its 135-degree viewing angle. The C2 captures in Full HD at 30fps too but with a bit larger viewing angle at 138-degrees. Both the models have a speaker and two-way microphones that make communication effortless.

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The cameras make use of wired power instead of batteries. They have an 8GB SD card if the connected Wi-Fi network fails. Lyric Cameras have free daily cloud storage but you can also find upgrades to 7 and 30-day capacities. The Lyric Cameras are not mentioned to ultimately get HomeKit compatibility with live video feed monitoring, which is something quite interesting.

The Home Security and Control system is the first pro-installed and pro-monitored security system to offer HomeKit compatibility. The HomeKit software upgrade will get to present as well as future Lyric Security users. Honeywell stated that the Lyric Security controller is aimed at remaining as the center for securely arming and disarming the system. The integration with HomeKit is mainly as means to push notifications to your iOS device to warn of possibly strange activity.

You can get your hands on the Heneywell Lyric C1 and C2 Wi-Fi Indoor Cameras, in addition to the Security and Home Controller software upgrade with HomeKit compatibility in the Q1 of 2017.