Google Search update

Google Search is getting an update which will help it get better at answering technical questions about programing languages. Dedicated to improve computer science-related questions, the Google Search engine is improved at distinguishing special characters and delivering contextual results now.

In particular, searches with sequences of 2-3 special characters lole [== vs ===] and [+=] will return results regarding programing languages against only general answers. For instance, c++17 will now return results regarding programing language and not the likewise named aircraft.

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Google Searches for organization and product names with punctuation, like She++ and Notepad++, will also return more precise results.

Google notes that this upgraded context will help a “student looking to learn the basics of computer science or an engineer at a tech company” and make the engine an improved technical resource for programing languages. The firm has a history of offering job interviews to those who search for highly technical CS words as well as concepts. These search updates are live on mobile and desktop.