Google's rebranded it IoT OS as ‘Android Things’

Brillo that was released back in 2015 is now being rebranded as Android Things. Today, the new platform is launching a preview with its main feature being familiarity to current Android developers.

Android Things is basically a complete solution to build smart, connected devices with the help of Android. According to Google, any Android developer can build a smart device with Android APIs and Google services fast using tools such as Google Play Services, Android Studio as well as the Google Cloud Platform.

Developers can begin developing with Android Things on real products including the Raspberry Pi 3, the Intel Edison and NXP Pico. Android Things will allow for large production runs having custom designs, using the same Board Support Package (BSP) from Google.

The Developer Preview will be updated in near future with a platform for pushing regular OS patches, security fixes, and your own updates, and more.

Devices will continue to connect through Weave that is being updated for better connecting to the cloud as well and interface with services such as the Google Assistant. After a Nest streamlining that witnessed the division’s platform developers join Google’s IoT team, Weave and Nest Weave will be fused to enable simpler connectivity. Weave is already used in devices such as Samsung SmartThings and the Philips Hue.