Google's "Smart" Jacket

Google as well as Levi's, the clothing giant want you to consider the "smart" denim jacket for times when a swipe of the smartphone or smartwatch won't cut it.  Announced back in 2015, both the companies are showing off the new "smart" jacket which is a new denim jacket having a special material will allows you to control the music on your smartphone or listen to the details of the direction at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

Aimed at cycling commuters and available for purchase in the fall, the joint venture from a Google unit and Levi's will sell for $350. However, before you make up your mind to get make pre-order, relax. Google's new jacket is a next level tech. But it might not be any greater than the phone or smartwatch you possess already.

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Basically some gestures can be pre-programmed to announce, via your earbuds, for example, your time or arrival to a place. According to reports, it feels as the iPhone when it made its way to the market first having only 3 apps. In case you are a hardcore commuter, you may interact with your clothes. However, in case you can access your phone or watch, it will provide you with much more information.

The jacket is from Project Jacquard, which is part of Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division, first announced in 2015. According to the Project Jacquard website, the concept is to "weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard industrial looms."

Google says that using conductive yarns, bespoke touch and gesture-sensitive areas can be woven at exact sites at any place on the textile. On the contrary, sensor grids can be woven across the textile, which would help create big interactive surfaces.

The jacket was shown off at a SXSW panel and looked like a dark denim cloth with a seamless invisible fabric touch interface on the left wrist. That in turn allows the owner to communicate with the smartphone.

Google says the interactive area on the jacket is on the left sleeve cuff.

You can brush or tap on the cuff to trigger abilities to do things like play your music, or get your ETA to a place.

Digital connectivity is there via a USB tag which attaches to the cuff. Google explained that when the jacket senses your gesture, the tag sends a signal to your phone wirelessly. The company expects to get developers tempted with the opportunities, and see the tech used for other furniture and clothing.