Google’s public Wi-Fi covers tons of railway stations across India

Google expressed its aim to put high-speed, public Wi-Fi free into more than 400 railway stations across India just a year back. But, it is a continuous procedure which would never end. The company wished to expand the coverage of Google Public WI-FI to 100 stations by the end of this year and now with just a few days left in the year, it has lived up to that promise.

In corporation with Indian Railways and RailTel, Google expressed that 100 stations across the nation have access to high-speed wireless internet. These busy stations service more than 10 million people on daily basis and with Google’s free Wi-Fi, they can stream or download video content, benefit from services such as Google Maps to get to their purposes, and download content to kill time while on the go.

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According to Google, of those 10 million regular traveling, more than 15,000 users are connecting to the Google public Wi-Fi on daily basis who never had internet access earlier on. The lack of India’s strong cellular coverage makes the company’s initiative in the country a very valued service for them. India customers stated:

I am migrant worker and travel to Rajasthan for work. Traveling means I won’t have a good connection. I got so excited when I saw free Wi-Fi here at the station. I just called my wife, and the voice and picture clarity were so good. 
I visit [Jaipur station] every 3 to 4 days to get fast access to the Internet. I stop there for a few minutes, download apps, update them and get things my daughter wants. She uses my smartphone in the evenings to fulfill her educational needs. 

Google plans to install this same free high-speed internet access in due courses of time at other railway stations across India. In addition, the firm is committed to expanding Google Public Wi-Fi that reach even further around the country through Google Station.