Google Play Music update

Google has just made another update to its Google Play Music app. The new version of Google Play Music brings allows you to set audio quality when streaming over Wi-Fi and  when downloading music for offline access.

Under ‘Playback’ in Settings, you can see a new option to set the “Quality on wifi network.” Earlier, users could set streaming preferences when on cellular networks. It is set to ‘Always High’ by default that plays the best quality in all network conditions. However, there is a chance of buffering. There are 3 other options to choose from: Low, Normal, and High. The choice to force ‘Always High’ has been added to settings as well for mobile network streaming.

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“Download quality” under ‘Downloading’ bring 3 options too. The default is set to Normal, and ‘Low’ is great for storage constrained devices. The app does not state clearly how much compression saves or what occurs to music that is already downloaded.

Some versions back these options came about as part of an A/B test for certain users. But, version 7.5 of Google Play Music makes it accessible on all devices.

Version 7.5.4518 for Android is now available at the Play Store.