Google Play Music makes its first original content

YouTube has made original content in the recent years in the form of TV shows and movies for its Red subscription service. Google Play Music is in action with an original podcast involving music now. City Soundtracks basically focuses on “people, places and moments that shape our musical lives.”

Google Play Music is recognized as the producer, having Hrishikesh Hirway (musician and composer) as the host. Hirway is hosts a number of podcasts already such as The West Wing Weekly. Earlier, Google Play has had one-off associations for short films. However, this is the first podcast.

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Episodes span over 11 - 15 minutes and focus on a single artist or band talking in-depth regarding a city that has formed their music. In addition, clips of songs are also included throughout, with some podcasts having an explicit rating.

City Soundtracks by Google Play Music is a traveling talk about the people, places and moments that shape our musical lives. In each episode an artist and a city is covered. Hrishikesh Hirway calls musicians to lead listeners on a city tour by means of music and conversation.

The first 3 episodes are available in Google Play, the iTunes Store, or any other podcast app through  standard RSS feed:

Kehlani – Oakland, CA
Spoon – Austin, TX
Big Freedia – New Orleans, LA

We don’t know yet how often we will be seeing new episodes.