Google Pixel phones facing early battery shutdowns

Google’s Pixel phone devices got much appreciation after its announcement, but a number of hardware and software problems have been provoking numerous people to have second thoughts on Google’s flagship. Camera problems, defects as well as audio issues. Recently, yet another problem has cropped up which is even worse than the others: premature battery shutdowns.

Similar to the fate of Nexus 6P facing at the moment, a number of Pixel users on Reddit as well as on company’s own forums are reporting that their phones are shutting down much before than they should. Though this problem does not appear to be as widespread as in the case of the Nexus 6P, we have come across sufficient cases that make it worth noticing.

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Pixel users who have had this problem, it appears that the problem primarily took place when battery levels are about 30% left over. Some users report 25% while others a little lower.

It appears improbable that this issue is due to hardware considering how new the phone is, but rather because of something in Android Nougat as the Pixel as well as Nexus 6P have been newly affected. It is not obvious if other phones running Android Nougat are affected as well, but as just few non-Google devices are running Nougat, all we have to do is to wait and see.

Google has not said anything about this problem so far, but we have reached out for a reply. Till then Google Pixel phone or a Nexus 6P users can invest in a battery bank or spare USB-C cable.