Google Maps now allows you stalk your mates

GOOGLE has recently released a new feature that will help you stalk your mates as well as your better halves. Well, well, that looks like quite an attractive features for those who wish to ensure the faithfulness of their partners! The location tracker gives you the power to follow a person as they move about town. In addition, it even offers an estimated time of arrival for a destination.

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The new feature works just as the WhatsApp pin drop function. However, it enables you to follow a person for as long as they have the tracker switched on. Most of us get to hear angry voices shouting “why are you late?”, “where are you now?” “when will you get home?”. With this update your worries can end. Thanks to Google for providing this wonderful solution through Google Maps now. Of course it is a useful tool however it might stop smartphone enthusiasts from ever "switching off".