Google Maps introduces new features to Search and Map

Google has recently come up with a new features that enables you to see the popular times of businesses and destinations in Search and Maps last year. Today, the feature has got a new update. Now it can allows you to see the comparative popularity of a location in live time. The company is also adding the ability to see how long people generally stay at a certain place and particular business hours.

Google can help you find out how busy the place you are to visit to currently is. Thanks to its data. This feature is really amazing as it helps to decide stuff such as where to go eat or whether or not you want to go to the bank on your way back from work etc. 

Google is also presenting an update to Maps and Search which will help you plan your itinerary in a better way. It will help you see how long people normally stay at a certain site. 

Additionally, Google is adding the facility for business to add hours for businesses in those businesses. The capability to check business hours on Google has been very helpful, but it had a drawback that you could check hours for the grocery store, but not essentially the pharmacy in the grocery store. However, the company considered it something essential and now it is giving you the power to do so.