Google Home now supports tons of apps & services

While Google Home is far behind from the Amazon Echo, Google is making steady progress. The company added support for 30 new services and games last year and now that list has further expanded.

It is understandable that Google’s entire ecosystem around Home and Assistant is still in its infancy, yet the company has approved over 70 apps and services for the Home. These include apps and services such as Uber and Dominos. Here are some other apps that have been included:


Another useful I came across is Genius. It can be great for those of you who have songs stuck in your mind. Just call out “OK Google, let me talk to Genius” and then say “What’s the song that goes [insert song fragment].” The app will relay the title of that song and artists within no time. 

Ask Wonder

 “Ask Wonder” is a great app added by Google Home. It can remember information you tell it and get it back up with a fast request. Depending on your need and preference, you might ask it to remember passwords, birthdays, codes, and other information. In order to make use of it you just have to say is something like “OK Google, talk to wonder.”


This is another exciting service that you can explore on Google Home. It is basically a health tracking service that links back to the Android app and allows Home to relay information on step counting, sleep quality, as well as weight tracking. 


‘AndChill’ is an app for Google Home that can help you find recommendations for movies that you love. It will ask you to state a movie you already like, as well as the reason you love it. The app will then find related movies for you based on the information you provide. 


Auto Voice is another app that is worth mentioning. It is an IFTTT for Google Home that affects your smartphone directly. If you are familiar with Tasker you can make the most of this app and benefit from its endless features.