Google Home App Update

Google has announced an update to its Google Home app (Android/iOS). The update basically  that makes it simple to stream music from various different music streaming services. The company announced it in a blog post, expressing that the new feature provides a “dedicated space for all your favorite music.”

Google is now rolling out an update to the Google Home adding a new “Listen” tab. Users will find a a number of different music from over “200+ cast-compatible” music and audio apps under this new tab. That also includes Spotify and Google Play Music.

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Now the “Listen” tab makes it extremely easy to find curated content and directly send it to your TV or other Cast device. It is placed at the top of the interface, between the “Watch” and “Discover” tabs. Google is laying particular attention on the ease of finding curated content for any condition.

The new Listen tab shows you curated lists of ready-to-stream, personalized albums and playlists from your favorite music apps, like Google Play Music and Spotify. You’ll also find compatible music and audio apps you already have on your phone or tablet, as well as a section to discover new apps to download.

So whether you’re looking for an upbeat playlist to listen to while you cook, or a something to unwind after dinner, the Google Home app is ready to help you find the perfect entertainment to cast to your TV or speakers.

You can download Google Home from the Play Store and iOS App Store and make the most of this fantastic update now.