Google expands ‘Work Apps’ Play Store section

Google reported that users of legacy Android devices can view the new Work Apps section in the Google Play Store. It implies that workers with devices running older versions of Android can see apps aggregated by their employers with ease.

It was last month that Google first announced the Work Apps section for the Google Play Store as a spot  for employers to curate applications for their employees. Users with legacy devices that did not support work profiles, but, were not able to see the new Work Apps section. Now users of older devices can access the Work Apps tab.

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Earlier employees with Android devices that did not support work profiles could not see the Work Apps tab and the apps their admins had curated including users having Android devices running 5.0 Lollipop or less. With this release, workers having these older devices can access the Work Apps tab in Google Play Store now as well as the apps their admins have curated.


This is noteworthy for companies that distribute Android phones in bulk to workers however, as time goes we’d anticipate the number of firm’s using such outdated devices to cut at a rather brisk pace.