Google Drive web users can now enjoy Natural Language Search and Auto correct Features

Natural Language Search allows you to look for files without too many formalities and in rather a natural way while Autocorrect offers suggestions for misspelled searches.

Google Drive is getting new hefty updates today. Search in Google Drive will now have autocorrect features and Natural Language Processing search that enables you to find files more easily. It is somewhat similar to “Ok Google” on mobile. That is not all. Docs is also going to have a new Columns feature as well as the power to download converted documents in the original format of the file. So Google Drive has quite a few things to offer, allowing Drive users to enjoy a superior web experience.

Search the way you naturally talk

With today’s update, you can search for more than simply the names of files and words in docs. Natural Language Processing allows you to search just as you talk in a natural way. For example, “show me my budget spreadsheet from last January” considers type of file and date. Likewise, “look for my presentations from Jessica” helps you locate your shared files. Google Drive will then change your enquiry into precise terms that you can click.

Autocorrect Feature 

Autocorrect is another notable feature that is to be added to Drive. It helps correct misspelled searches by offering suggestions. A list of “Did you mean” will be displayed below the search bar (as you see on Google Search). Presently, these features are available on the web only.

Revision History

Generally people upload files in diverse formats which are converted by Google automatically. Now, the Revision History will save the original format of the file and make it allow users to download it. Just like other updates, these autocorrect features  and Natural Language are meant for the web users only at the moment; they can be used for Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In addition, Docs gives you the capability to add several columns to text docs in a flash.


So save your time with all these updates and make the most of Drive. Thanks Google!

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