Google continues to play with search suggestions in the Play Store

Google toys with its apps’ UIs always. That is why we get to see new stuff every now and then. Now the focus is on search suggestions that Google is changing slightly in the Play Store as well as in its image search engine.

Upon searching for an app in the Play Store, the new UI urged the user with a series of rectangles having possible added information to better narrow down the enquiry.

They are comparatively easy on the eye, and hold the new green color that the Play Store has lately adopted that make them on the whole welcome addition we anticipate to see pushed to all shortly.

In order to match the Play Store, Google Search’s image section has got an analogous facelift also with tags that seemingly take you to a completely new related search. Extended text search, seems to still be there, though it’s uncertain what type of search triggers one kind of suggestion to surface over others.