Google checking inconsistencies with Pixel phones

Double-tap to check your phone on the Pixel and Pixel XL was a feature that was much sought after, particularly with a rear fingerprint sensor. Added as part of December’s 7.1.1 update, a number of users have reported that the Move is very unstable and Google is now looking into the inconsistencies with Pixel Phones.

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The most noteworthy problem is how double-tapping does not steadily wake the Pixel device, with some ascribing the issue to the phone being in Doze mode. When the system power saving feature is working, some reported that Double-tap works after first moving the phone a bit. But, requiring additional movement detracts from the competence of having a gesture to look at the screen for notifications fast.

According to a Google product manager in the Pixel forum, the company is probing into the problem and trying to find a solution. Users who are facing these problems are encouraged to give feedback using “About phone and then Send feedback about this device.”

Meanwhile, there is a likely quick fix that can remedying another problem of the new Moves not working instantly after the screen shuts down. It seems that Double-tap to check device and Lift to check device work only when the phone is locked, not when the screen is off. The Pixel phone is set to routinely lock ‘5 seconds’ after sleep by default.

Changing the lock time to ‘immediately’ after sleep increases the aptness and at least fixes one unresolved issue. Google will transform this behavior in future other than resolving the additional inconsistency with Pixel Phones problems.