Google app rolling out new Upcoming tab

Google Now has went through a number of changes recently in light of Google Assistant. The latest change has been in the testing phase since October. But the waiting period is over now Google app rolled out. While more general stuff will stay under ‘Feed’, a new ‘Upcoming’ tab displays more personalized cards.

Cards for sports results, people of internet, news as well as entertainment will remain in ‘Feed’ and is yet the first screen that will appear. Cards has got a slight tweak, with weather no longer displaying a full week’s forecast. The first 3 cards or so will appear at the top of the feed which can be from a range of sections and surfaces what Google believes is the most essential info for you.

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Using bolder headers and separators, sections for sport teams and other subjects are more visibly categorized. The other news cards are visible below. In addition, a new card will tell Google what interests you wish to view more info and stories about.

At the same time, ‘Upcoming’ will offer boarding passes package delivery info, daily schedules, commute times in addition to more tailored cards. According to Google, this tab will offer a more “dependable view” than the earlier version where personalized cards were diversified into broader interests ones.

In the U.S, these Google app rolling out today on Android. We expect to see more countries enjoying these as well as an update for iOS in near future.