Google Allo update

While Google Allo is not Google’s most popular messaging service, the firm makes sure that it continues to improve the app for good. Since its launch back in 2016, the service has improved to a considerable extent. With this latest update, it is looking even better.

In its latest update, Google Allo is getting further integration with Google Assistant. In each chat thread, Assistant is available to be summoned with only the tap of a button now. Users can ask it queries about stuff such as movie show timings, weather etc. from there. The new shortcut button can be found close to the send option.

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GIF search is also improved now via a library located directly inside Google Allo. By tapping the sticker shortcut button, users can cycle through the stickers they use most frequently, and make use of a GIF library too with an extra swipe that will show GIFs that the user searches for.

A new emoji is also added to the sticker bar from where users can add emoji to their conversations with ease. Other than having the ability to change the size of emoji, Google has made a number of emoji compatible with a new animation feature. Not every emoji is attuned with this, but the company recommends trying  ,  ,  ,  , or   among the 10 supported at the moment.

These new features are now are available to Google Allo users on Android and will be rolling out to Apple users in near future.