Google Allo gets new features including background themes, stickers and much more

Allo has got background themes in update today. There are a number of other features that we have got along with this update including “Smart Smiley” feature (recommended emoji, and new Fantastic Beasts stickers).

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Background Themes

Google Allo has got the themes as we were expecting. We got the news that the app is going to suggest themes every time you initiate a new conversation. Then you can change it whenever want using the same menu that has chat details such as notifications etc. 

Smart Smiley Feature 

You will also love the all new “Smart Smiley” which is a different concept than what Apple did with iOS 10. While you tap you can press the “Smart Smiley” button that would provide you with context-relevant suggestions for stickers and emojis. In case you still have not begun typing your message, the feature offers you recommendations considering the conversation itself.

Fantastic Beasts Sticker Pack

We’re bringing the pre-Harry Potter wizarding world directly into your chats with stickers inspired by the film
Google stated.
The company also revealed a new sticker pack. Fantastic Beasts stickers are now available. These featured will be rolled out today and you can download Google Allo on iOS and Android to enjoy them in few days.