Google Allo, a new Update

Google Allo has got tons of updates so far. There are various features that have been added to the app since its launch and here is yet another one. We’ve managed to enable some features that Google is working on within the app that haven’t been enabled yet that includes a new button for capturing a selfie quickly in addition to the ability to add stickers as decoration on photos.

The first feature adds a new camera icon to the right of the text entry field. To activate “quick selfie”, just tap the camera icon and tap once more on the shutter button that shows in the small circular frame. Then you’ll be given the choice to either send the photo to the person on the other end of the conversation, or trash it. Then the selfie shows in the standard message feed arranged as a small circle.

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Within Google Allo we have found proof that Google is working on a backup and restore feature as well. That would be for backing up and restoring your conversations. However, we failed to enable it for now.

<boolean name=”BackupRestore__enable_backup_restore” value=”false” />

Stickers on top of the photos is another notable feature that Google is working on in Allo, it has not been enabled so far. We may get a new sticker button in a upcoming version of the app that allows you pick between the a number of stickers that you can already send in regular chats.

There is also evidence of Incognito coming to group chats and it has to be enabled to. However, it looks the ability to go incognito as a group is coming.

<boolean name=”Incognito__enable_group_incognito” value=”false” />


These features are under development at the moment, there’s no assurance that Allo will receive them in a upcoming update. They’re not available in the public-facing version of the app. As its Google, it’s possible that they won’t ever hit the app actually.