Google about to release numerous Tango-enabled apps

It was last fall that Google Tango was first released with the launch of the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro. Today the second Tango-enabled device was announced with the new ZenFone AR. However, there was something that was holding Google Tango back so far and it was the lack of exciting apps. Google expressed that scores of Tango-enabled apps will hit the Play Store in near future.

At ASUS Zennovation event (CES 2017), Johnny Lee (the Director of Engineering for Google Tango) stated:

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In addition to growing the number of Tango enabled hardware devices, we expect dozens of Tango enabled apps to be coming out in the next few months. Already in the Google Play Store are a few classic games with AR twists on them. This includes games like Hot Wheels and Dominos. And there’s also utility apps that help you visualize products in your place, like Wayfarer and Lowes.

Johnny Lee also announced a new app for Google Tango at the occasion. It is application coming from GAP that enables you to picture how apparel sizes and fit. 

He reassured that Google is working to involve developers as well, helping them make better apps and games:

So, in through 2017 we will be heavily focused on developers, finding new partners who are really want to create new and great experiences and continue to refine the technology, making things better and increasing the capabilities or APIs leading ultimately to richer apps and games.

Without doubt this is good news for Tango, but the Tango app system is still in its initial stages. We are yet to see if the future apps can make the platform captivating for consumers as well as for Android OEMs who are in view of making their own Tango-enabled devices. So far, the ZenFone AR is the most amazing Google Tango device for sure.