Galaxy S8 will feature facial recognition for payments

Leaks, leaks and more leaks. There seems to be no end to Galaxy S8 and S8+ leaks. Here is another one that will help the phone differentiate it from the rest of the smartphone market to some extent. According to a recent report, Samsung will launch a payment verification feature using facial recognition.

Samsung will make use of facial-recognition technology for mobile payments after a month of its launch in place of using the feature that was ready when the device releases in April. While the company has included facial and voice recognition since the Galaxy S4, it would be a first for applying these features to validate financial transactions.

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This new feature will combine the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, iris and facial recognition to validate a number of mobile services including Samsung Pay. Will this feature and its implementation will actually turn out to be something that can give a unique touch to the Samsung phones and set Galaxy S8 family apart from LG’s G6, Apple’s forthcoming phones as well as other rivals? We will have to wait and see. 

As expected, will see quick and precise iris and facial recognition that it could do away with the need to use the fingerprint sensor. It would be very useful particularly in the case of mobile payments, since tapping a fingerprint sensor close to the top of the phone can be irritating as we tap the top of the phone to the terminal in most cases. 

In a recent survey, about 80% of respondents expressed that they are not happy with the plan of Samsung of having the fingerprint sensor on the rear near the camera sensor. While the company committed many resources to bringing an on-screen fingerprint sensor to 2017 flagship devices, the third-party associate they were working with failed to do the job. 

That is not something surprising if Samsung is striving real hard to bring additional innovation to the Galaxy S8, even if it releases after the smartphones are first available. The iPhone is likely to bring an on-screen fingerprint reader in addition to facial recognition. According to few analysts, Samsung is in the best positions when it comes to the smartphone market.

We’ll get to know if Samsung has more surprises for us when it announces the Galaxy S8 and S8+ on March 29th. What do you feel about this new move from the company in its upcoming devices? Let us know your views in the comments below.