Download iOS App ‘Green Riding Hood’ Free

It is the right time to download your free iOS app of the week. This time it is a fantastic app designed for kids. Normally $2.99, Green Riding Hood is the app of the week on the iTunes store until February 23rd. An interactive book for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad users, Green Riding Hood is designed to  introduces readers to a healthy life style. The book is based on the idea of living a healthy life. That is not all. The app also helps little minds to learn about yoga as well as friendship.

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To achieve this, the book features award-winning graphics by Andrey Gordeev, spectacular animation and voice overs offered in 11 different languages, some of whom are famous actors. The app also includes Grandma's Cook Book which offers many useful healthy vegetarian recipes. In addition, there is also a section for mini games to keep all entertained other than offering them with useful information.

Named as the iPad app of the year by Apple in Russia in 2016, Green Riding Hood is an indeed a great app that is worth downloading. So don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to avail this app for free.