Comment: Lenovo’s new Yoga A12 Android tablet is just begging to be a Chromebook

Lenovo just revealed a new version of its Yoga Book tablet from 2016. It is the Lenovo Yoga A12. The new larger and more cost effective tablet comes with fewer specs. However, it does offer bigger screen and larger footprint the update makes complete sense. But there is a question. Why isn’t it a Chromebook?

Since the first launch of Yoga Book, Chrome OS fans have been craving for a Chromebook with the ‘Halo’ keyboard and ultra-portable form factor. Lenovo did listen to those calls and said that it will work on the Chrome OS variant but it never happened. At least not so far.

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With the Lenovo Yoga A12 release, Lenovo is taking this form factor to the next level. The Lenovo Yoga A12 may cut down the specs in contrast to the premium model, trading 4GB for 2GB and FHD for only HD, but not without developments. 

The A12 develops the Yoga Book in one primary way. The Yoga Book measures in at 10.1-inches, which is a great size for an Android or Windows tablet. But, as a device for productivity, that smaller size was its Achilles heal. It constrained how much you could do on screen in addition to limiting the size of the touch-based ‘Halo’ keyboard.

You may enjoy typing on that keyboard, but might find the size limiting your speed of typing. Though the larger size of the 12.2-inch A12 must put an end to this issue, with a bit additional room for breathing for those numerous keys.

The major problem lies in the software. The Lenovo Yoga A12 runs on Android, which is not bad since it’s a great OS for productivity, particular with Nougat. But, Chrome OS has repeatedly proven that it’s better for getting things done with Android. In addition, it has access to Android apps now which means there is no reason why it should be ignored. 

In addition, at the moment, an ultra-thin Chromebook ‘tablet’ is very much an untapped segment. Yes, we do have light and thin options like the Samsung Chromebook Plus and ASUS Flip 2, still there is no rival to the amazing 5.4mm of the Lenovo Yoga A12

Well there will seemingly be Chrome OS tablets ‘soon,‘ but we must comment on the grace of Lenovo’s 2-in-1 design on the A12, considering it we don’t expect to see it from other OEMs.

Packed with improved hardware, reasonable $299 price, and decent specs, the Lenovo Yoga A12 would surely make a great Chromebook. But we need to hold on to Android for now.