Apple has a great tool to help you recover data from the MacBook Pro’s non-removable SSD

We noted two changes related to the machine’s SSD when the first teardown of Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro was published sometime back. Components for the SSD are soldered onto the logic board now. They probably allows for some design and thinness improvements, but damages general repairability. Other than being not upgradeable, some wondered it implied that if the logic board fails you will lose your data too. Not for sure…

There is also a new mystery connector on the logic board which fox guide site iFixit mentioned in its teardown wasn’t linked to anything. Now it is revealed that the mystery connector is there as due to the soldered down SSD, providing Apple with a way to access data on a dead MacBook Pro. 

Apple stores offer a great tool to help, and they will be presenting any 2016 MacBook Pro customers still under warranty attempted data transfer if the in the event the device doesn’t boot, according to sources acquainted with the company’s procedure of repair.

Apple’s new customer data migration tool is particularly designed for the 2016 MacBook Pro. It has a logic board holder with power adapter which enables repair workforce to insert your logic board and attach it through USB-C to a different MacBook Pro. That’s what the secret “connector to nowhere” is for.

Mac Book Pro

Apple never assurances that the company can recover your data, however, it distinguishes that with a non-removable SSD things are tougher for users. That is why it is offering Apple stores and service providers this tool to assist its customers. The firm will offer to transfer your data for any logic board, SSD, Touch ID, or wireless card failures. This is for the reason that all these components are attached to the central logic board on the new MacBook Pros. Apple will provide that service to a user still covered under their AppleCare or 1 year hardware warranty. 

It means that Apple can transfer over data from a dead machine through a repair or personal setup appointment if customer require a new device. That is why there is the disadvantage still of not being able to upgrade the new SSDs. Nonetheless, the company at least offers a helping hand in order to enable you to recover you lost data if your MacBook Pro is dead. So the customers have some good news to cherish.

Considering Touch ID is attached to the logic board as well, Apple will need to substitute both together in case any of them does not work. However, Apple repair workers will have parts to do Touch ID calibration that may put an end to certain problems without a replacement.