Did it happen to you too? Many window 10 users don’t know the fact that if they don’t watch out all their files including documents, music, and photos will automatically be saved to cloud service. So it’s essential to find out how to stop OneDrive to save file.

When you get windows 10 you need to know that it would save your folders and files in OneDrive. How to transfer them back to your PC? If you used Laplink’s PCMover you must know that you don’t have to blame the program for this issue.

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You might get the idea that Microsoft wants you to store your information in its cloud-based storage service. Considering that the company recently assured its promise of unlimited OneDrive space, you must know that the more you use it, you will soon have to pay for added services when you hit that level. 

How to stop Windows 10 from saving files to OneDrive

Users who want to stop saving to onedrive and don’t want to make use of these services need to follow couple of things.  

a)  Firstly, you need to move the files back to the old library folders. 
b)  Secondly, you need to change some settings so that you don’t have to face this issue in future. 

How to stop OneDrive to save file – A Step by Step Guide

Let us start now. 

1. Unhide your data libraries. To do this, you need to select View > Navigation Pane > Show libraries in the File Explorer.
2. Go to Libraries and expand the section in File Explorer’s navigation pane (it is located below This PC).
3. Now choose Documents under Libraries. The files and folders there are separated in 2 sections. One of them will have the OneDrive title in its path. 
4. Drag your folder/files from the OneDrive to the other section.

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In case you have used OneDrive before moving to this computer, you need to make sure you don’t move anything that you intend to store in OneDrive. Now your files are saved just locally. However, it is also important ensure that it does not repeat again. 

For this purpose, just right-click Documents in the Navigation pane and choose Properties. In the resulting dialog box, choose the local location and then click Set save location.  Your local Documents folder will be your default Documents folder when you close the dialog box. Even though both these folders will be your library’s part, new files will be just saved locally by default and stop saving to OneDrive. Continue moving the files and altering the library settings for your Videos, Pictures and Music folders.