While WhatsApp says that is not possible to install its messaging app on a tablet, the good news is that it is POSSIBLE! Here is my guide that can help you get this leading app on your tablet in an easy way. The actual issue of installing WhatsApp on a tablet is that it calls for a phone number in order to verify the account. You cannot use the same number on more than one device. In case your tablet has it's own SIM, that is great. If it is a Wi-Fi only model, you can enjoy 2 options.

WhatsApp Web

The simplest way to have WhatsApp on a tablet is to use WhatsApp Web. It opens a portal to your smartphone's WhatsApp account in a web browser. If the two are linked, it is possible to send and receive messages on either device. However, you don't have WhatsApp on a smartphone, you might opt to install it on a tablet of a kid with no mobile phone number. Installing WhatsApp on the device simple, we will discuss how you can get a phone number for that account later.

Installing the WhatsApp app on Android tablet

  • Remember that this messaging app will not display in the Google Play Store when you use a tablet. The only way to have it on to the device is to sideload it.
  • Open Settings, Security and scroll down to enable the option for 'Unknown sources'.
  • Open the web browser and search for WhatsApp APK.
  • Click to download the APK from secure server. Remember not to opt for the Google Play option.
  • Now click ok when prompted suggesting that such files may harm your device
  • After the APK finished downloading, you will see a notification in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Click and follow the steps to install the app.

WhatsApp should be installed on your device now. The next issue is the phone number. When the app is updated from time to time you will discover that it does not work on your device as it was installed outside Google Play, it won't be updated automatically. On the contrary, you need to search for the up-to-the-minute version of the APK and install it again following the steps that have been discussed on top.

The next step is to bypass WhatsApp's phone verification system. You can use your phone number by entering it and clicking OK. When the system is unable to identify the code sent by text message choose for it to call you in its place.

The issue with this is only one installation of the app can be in use at a time. That means in case you verify it on your tablet it will stop working on your device. You may verify whichever device you'll have to hand every day, but that can be a problem. The best way is to have a second phone number so you can set up a different WhatsApp account. If you have a second smartphone contract for business then you're laughing. It is also possible to benefit from the free PAYG SIMs offered by UK mobile operators, though they will end after some time in case you don’t really use them and when another person registers that same number with WhatsApp you'll need to start again.

Which number you use for verification does not matter if it is a mobile number and that you have it to hand to answer the call and obtain the code. If you live in the United States.

If you live in the US you may use a Google Voice number. I cannot ensure that as only members with full accounts can get calls using Google Voice, and it is not available in the UK.

TextPlus is another one for US readers. It is a free Android app that allows you to send and receive texts and make phone calls on your tab. All you need to do is to send your phone a text from the tablet to know what phone number you require to enter into WhatsApp.

You may try a service that makes a one-use codenamed to your mobile number as well. There are some free versions you can find, but the 2 Android apps we checked made US numbers that weren't acknowledged by WhatsApp.