It is very annoying when you get a notification that there is no space on your android device while downloading an app or saving a photo. But it does happen at times to all. Even if you have a device with hefty storage space, you may end up facing space storage problem. The reason is that these devices are home to countless files including applications, pictures and videos, audio, cached data, and more that consumer space. If you are a photo enthusiast you may run into space issue even more often others with android devices with no such passion.

But if you are faced by the space problem in your android device, there is nothing to worry as I will help you discover you are can get more space on your phone or tablet without any problem.

  • Get rid of unused apps. How many apps do you use on a regular basis on your android phone or tablet? Ask yourself. You need to determine how many apps you actually use and how many stay on the home screen just waiting for your attention for weeks or months. Once you know which apps are not used regularly you need to remove them. Since the world of mobile apps are increasing with time the choices out there are endless and hence you end up packing your phone with apps that you may even not use. So remove them and you will have more space for stuff that you really want.

  • Clear the Cache. Cached data also takes some space. That is why you need to clear the cache of your android device as well in order to have added space on it. You can delete this with one click if you have a new Android phone. It is just like clearing the cache on your web browser.

  • Move Photos and Videos. As photos and videos mostly consume maximum space it is important to remove those that are duplicated or the ones that you don’t really need. You can also move your pictures and videos to your laptop in order to have space on your device and then remove them from your phone’s storage.

  • Root Your device. Another way to have more space on your device is to root it. It has couple of benefits like killing bloatware and getting access to Android OS updates instantly. But you must know that rooting is not a piece of cake and it has its own pros and cons.