Nintendo has switched the Nintendo Network ID with the recent Nintendo Account. If you want to link your accounts across Nintendo's consoles and smartphone games you have to join the new system.

Nintendo’s account system has been revamped over the past as the company aims to find out how it’s handling online functionality. However, now with its Switch, Nintendo appears to be firm on the Nintendo Account. It implies that users with an old account need to set up a new Nintendo Account, and Nintendo Account ID, despite if they had an account for 3DS or Wii U earlier on.

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What is a Nintendo Account?

In 2016, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo account system with Miitomo, its first smartphone app. The company expanded it with the Account ID feature before the Switch launch. The Nintendo Account is different from the Nintendo Network ID, but you can link your current Nintendo Network ID to your new Nintendo Account. In that case, it will carry over all of your digital purchase history, enabling you to download titles again that you’ve purchased in the past.

Nintendo Account does not only enable you to link your accounts on a number of Nintendo devices only, it will give you access to custom offers in future also. In addition, it gives you access to the MyNintendo reward scheme as well. This gives you a chance to earn points for buying and playing games, so you can unlock in-game bonuses, download console themes and other digital perks. You can even enjoy discounts on Nintendo eShop purchases.

The Nintendo Account ID is a more new feature that provides you a public username for your account. You don’t have to set it, but if you do it offers you one more way to log in to your account. It just has to be at least 6 characters long, and it ought to be unique.

How to get your Nintendo Account?

In order to set up your Nintendo Account you need to visit the official website of Nintendo. Once you get there, choose ‘Create a Nintendo Account’ and decide if you want to go for creating an account for a child or for yourself. Fill out your details, or link a current Nintendo Network ID, or Goolgle, Twitter or Facebook account to set it up faster. After you are done, you can add a User ID from the ‘User Information’ section of your account. It is also possible to go to MyNintendo to link that to your Nintendo Account and start getting points on your Nintendo games and consoles that includes smartphone games such as Fire Emblem Heroes or Super Mario Run.