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Master the triple concerto for tetris!

This is perhaps one of the most challenging versions of tetris youve ever played as you have to control three falling blocks simultaneously! Same as the original tetris your goal in this game is to move and rotate the descending blocks so that they can form a complete row and be destroyed. Before the game starts you are allowed to set the starting level and the number of game piles. Choose a level between 1 to 20 and the number of game piles from 1 to 3 by clicking the up and down arrow buttons shown on the right of the screen. After you have completed the settings click the Start button at the bottom to begin the game. Then you will be given your chosen number of piles and a block will move downward in each of the piles. To move of the blocks you may use the left right and down arrow keys on your keyboard. Press X to rotate the block in clockwise direction or press Z for counterclockwise rotation. If you have more than one pile you may press Spacebar to move to another pile and control the blocks. The next block will be shown at the top of the piles so take notice of these hints for better arrangement. When the blocks form a complete row they will be removed from the pile. If the blocks reach the top of a pile and no more blocks can be destroyed the game ends. Showcase your brilliant performance of Tritris to impress your friends!

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AuthorNovel Games Limited

File Nametritris.exe

File Size654.2 kb

RequirementsAdobe AIR runtime 2.5

Supported OSWin2000,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinServer,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP,Windows 8



Change LogAdded 4 language versions


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