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Here’s a desktop email client which has caused a stir. When you download Thunderbird you will learn why it is becoming a popular choice. It has a great interface which you can customize as to your preferences. Another new and undiscovered benefit is the use of tabs. This has been met with great appreciation by users all round. It has meant greater convenience in the working environment. Being able to have the inbox, search page and the email you are composing helps enormously.

Easy and more Efficient

Another thing you will be grateful for when you download Thunderbird is the greater convenience with which the program is built around your needs. For example, the file link feature allows you to upload heavy files with relative ease. You can define the size limit for the file to be sent. Also it uses popular file hosting services like Box, Ubuntu and YouSendIt which help to accommodate the huge files.

A free Thunderbird download should be reason enough for you to download Thunderbird straight away, but there are more reasons. It builds the address box automatically from contact lists in Outlook and as you go along sending emails. It has detailed lists on contacts saving you precious time as well. But probably the most favourite feature is that you can be designated your own personal email to the effect of This is an exciting feature which looks professional and will be noticed. There is a subscription fee involved if you did go about using this feature. However, it is free to download Thunderbird. So although Outlook and Thunderbird offer same features, Thunderbird works as a helping hand and gives that slight edge to help users work more effectively.

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AuthorMozilla org

File Namethunderbird-45.7.1.exe

File Size33.4 MB

RequirementsNo special requirements

Supported OSWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10



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