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Essentially, Teamspeak can be defined as a VoiP tool which can be used for real time video calls. It is a useful tool and to date it is mostly used by gamers. Other clients include businesses, educational and work-related use since the program has a whole host of rich features. Download Teamspeak and it will save a lot of costs. It has been around for sometime and is on par with its competitors. It would definitely worth your while to download TeamSpeak.

Great worker

One of the underlining benefits of TeamSpeak is that it is fairly easy to use whilst being quite powerful. Even if it is your first time, after you download TeamSpeak, you can pretty much immediately get to grips with all the functions. You can change the look and feel in according with your own personal preferences through a range of available formats. So straight away, you can truly build up the tool to suit you. And since the interface is very simple, it makes it easier to grasp and use.

Now a real reason why TeamSpeak is particularly popular with gamers is related to the contact list. Contacts can be designed as ‘friends’ or ‘foes’ – as in the world of gaming would permit. So friends can be given different access levels as determined by you, whilst you can play against your foes without worrying about them getting a glance into your next move. Always good when you want to have the upper hand! Of course this function could be used for personal contacts vs professional. It is all upto you.

Worthy of download

On a more technical note, it is really worth your while to download TeamSpeak because of the excellent audio quality. TeamSpeak has focused on improving this through automatic microphone adjustment, echo cancellation and advanced noise reduction. Also Security has been an area which has been improved greatly. And in line with the technological needs of their users, TeamSpeak has come up with a mobile version for greater mobility.

Of course there are a few snags. No video calling and calls are only available to TeamSpeak users. Which means no landlines too. But considering it is free TeamSpeak download, it is a strong tool to have.

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TitleTeamSpeak Server

AuthorTeamSpeak Systems GmbH


File Size5.7 MB

RequirementsNo special requirements

Supported OSWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10



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