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There are already so many options for video chat applications that we are quite spoilt for choice! And Tango makes its edge by being very compatible. It can operate on iPhone and iPad touch devices as well as the infamous Android devices.

Get straight into it

As soon as you download Tango, you can roll up your sleeves and get to work on it almost immediately. The interface is the same for both iOS and Android devices. As you download Tango, it will start to auto populate the address book using contacts from your own phone, after asking of course! Then find a contact who is using Tango and start making calls.

Free download Tango and you will not regret it. Video calls are on the whole, generally good quality. There were inconsistencies as to the quality of the call. But connections were still fairly good. Of course, as with any VoIP, video and audio quality would be high quality when both users were connected to a strong Wi-Fi access point. In fact Tango’s call quality proved better than its nearest competitor – without the inconsistencies.

Another strong feature which makes Tango stand out is the ability to switch from video to audio in any point of the conversation. This can be a great relief in the instance of a network hiccup. Audio tends to fair better than video. But having said that, once a call is made, it is rarely dropped. And the best news, it is very simple to use.


So, should you download Tango? Well as said, it is a tight little program focused on calls rather any additional features. It has not reached its full potential but it still operates very well. So all in all? It is definitely worthwhile you download Tango or even better – have your ears to the ground for the next version with improvements.

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