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A good code editor is always one of a basic requirement of a coder. Unless you’re working with a basic code-editor that fulfills the basic requirements of coding, you can’t get into your comfort-zone. Likewise, most code-editors that provide all the basic features with some additional enhancing features too, the free Sublime Text is now being too one of the most popular one. In addition to the basic features of coding that it has come up with, it is also giving some extraordinary styling to your coding-style. Hence, download Sublime Text now and take your programming to a whole new extent.

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It provides multiple cursors:

The free Sublime Text interact with its all new features. If the occurrence of your default code editor doesn’t fit to your interest, you can give a bit of highlighting to it too. You can select and change the occurrences of the text that you’re writing. If you click “Cntrl+click”, you can place multiple cursors at where you want to. Click the left-button of the mouse, and hold it down, in this way you can highlight a block of code and also insert the columns.

Sublime Text 3

It also gives ShortCuts:

The free Sublime Text offers different shortcuts like the ones that you wouldn’t witness in most of the other code-editors i.e. Dreamweaver. These shortcuts are in the face of like tag-wrapping, line duplication and bracket selections. These are just the few shortcuts that are quite known, but you’d definitely find more than hundreds of beneficial shortcuts in the free Sublime Text. Hence, download Sublime Text now and enjoy the newest features of coding.

Fuzzy Search

This is an exceptional feature that free Sublime Text has come up with. It gives a searching option in its frame. For most of the new-bee coders that are not fluent in coding yet and don’t get to remember the commands that often used, the free Sublime Text gives an opportunity to use intelli-sense, just write the hint of any command and intelli-sense will think of the right command right away. Like by just writing “IP”, you can get “Install Package” appeared in the search box. Wo download Sublime text today as it makes easy for you to code.

Hence, download Sublime Text now and enjoy the amazing features.

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    Sublime Text 3

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TitleSublime Text 3

AuthorJon Skinner

File NameSublime_Text_Build_3103%20x64_Setup.exe

File Size7.8 MB

RequirementsNo special requirements

Supported OSWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10



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