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This is a program which has the capability of recovering deleted files from any disk which windows can read. This in itself is a great relief to hear so why wouldn’t you want to download Recuva! The best thing about this program, other than its great function is that it is easy to use and the user interface is easy to navigate through.

Not bad for a Freebi

Although it can handle compare to the off the shelf competitor, you can download Recuva free. Taking that into account, it really is a good deal. So you may not get a sterling effort but you will get a great working software. There are essentially two versions of this program. One where you download Recuva onto your system. And one which you will download Recuva and place on your USB disk. It is highly recommended to have the portable version in the instant the system version gets deleted.

Once it is opened, the program will give you option to verify which type of file you are trying to recover else it will be able to do a complete scan and try and recover any or all documents which were deleted. From here you can chose whether or not a ‘deep’ scan should be carried out. A little longer time but taking into consideration it might be your life’s work you are trying to recover, it is definitely worth the effort! Once you have chosen the type of scan you would prefer, Recuva gets to work. At the end of it all, Recuva will give you a list of deleted files and categorize into those which can be recovered completely, partially or not at all.

Few Tweaks but worth it

There are a few bolts to tighten. The program is not advanced enough yet to truly recognized those deleted files or other files under the same name. It may be misrepresent how much data is unrecoverable. But nonetheless, Recuva is an effective little system and you should download Recuva for your system. For the big corporate offices, of course, it is not even an option to download Recuva and you should really think about other such programs which are available in the market and do have higher performance ratings than Recuva. But other than that – it’s a nifty little program which you will not regret in that time of panic!

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File Namercsetu153.exe

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RequirementsNo special requirements

Supported OSWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10



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