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Opera is on!

Just another internet browser which talks a lot like the rest, yes? Well – not with Opera. Should you be thinking about whether or not to download Opera, you might be pleasantly surprised. And the Opera standalone is worth considering as well. In fact, in comparison to the top browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, download Opera and you will see it handles itself pretty well. And for added convenience, you can always use the Opera standalone which is easy to use and can be installed even offline.

To Download Opera or not to download Opera

So if people are telling you to download Opera, you might want to find out why for yourself. Apart from its clean look, the whole environment is tailored with the user in mind. For example, the use of one search bar instead of two just extenuates a clean and crisp look to the browser window. Following that, there is a handy Speed Dial system which has gained great popularity. It can be customized to your preferences and at a simple click. On top of that – there is a catalogue of add-ons which you can really get your teeth into and make your Opera browser an extension of you, literally.

But the real showstopper is Opera’s dedicated in-built security tactics which actively work to protect you from fraud and malicious malware. That along with the innovative tabbed browsing features all incorporated to enrich the users experience.

Slight drawback

There is one area of concern that might cause a little discomfort and that would be Opera’s compatibility issues. Although it is not on par with its competitors, it still has room for improvement and is an area which Opera is actively working on.

Overall – a nifty little browser and well worth a gander. And if you would prefer to install later, then simply download Opera standalone onto your system and safe it for another day.

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