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Image2pdf can convert image to pdf preview images- tif jpg bmpgifwmfemfpng. Set page order security encyrption permissions document information and customize pdf pages. Scan images into program- use 1 image per pdf or multiple images per pdf. Multiple directories can be searched for images. Different page sizes are available. Custom page sizes can be used .You can set the permissions when viewing the new pdf file. These permissions are for printing document copy text and graphics edit document add annotations fill in form fields set accessability features can or cannot assemble document and prevent document being distilled into a new document. The program has a nice graphical user interface and you can easily change settings for pdf files . Audit trail for operationsThe pdf parameters include. title subject keywords and creator of the pdfable to overwrite exising pdf files or not when converting imagescompress pdfshow toolbar in pdfshow full screen when viewing pdfshow document title in pdf viewhide window user interface when viewing pdf in Acrobatencrpyt pdf file with user password and owner password.encryption can be 40 bit or 128 bitAdobe acrobat not needed. Image2pdf is ideal for converting 1 image file into a pdf or hundreds of image files in different folders at the same time!



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