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Mozilla Firefox 54.01 64Bit for Windows

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Mozillia Foundation has really put out the stops with Firefox. It can be used across a wide range of operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. Its popularity is increasing and it is easy to see why it is favored more than Google Chrome.

Stealth mode…

Online Web Trackers are hounding the web, divulging into your online activities and checking your preferences. Well when you download Firefox, it will cover your tracks. With its new Tracking Protection Feature, you can slip in and out through websites and leave no trace of you ever being there. Slicker than a cat burglar, there are no saved logins, history or site cookies – all keeping your web movements off-record. This is just one of many security features which we felt needed to be underlined.

Quite the Bundle

Do you dream the day VoIP was attached to your browser window? Well, probably not – but it is rather cool! Firefox Hello is just that. Although not as complex as Skype, it still fares well and is something to look out for.

Another adept feature that we are excited about is the social sharing button, Firefox Share. With a click of the airplane button, you can share anything you want in no time and with no discerning effort. Not only are all the top social platforms included like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but it is versatile enough to add in any further groups you want. A handy little button just made it easier to share with the globe!

It has an interactive user-friendly interface which you have freedom to customize according to your personal preferences. It really puts you in the driving seat letting you change a whole range of items and positions the bookmarks bar at easy reach. Their focus on the users convenience is something you may well consider when you decide to download Firefox or not. And with standalone Firefox, you can get to business without worries of being connected to the web.

Working like a boss

So all in all, Firefox is a great browser which is highly functional and lets you dictate the look and feel. With speed, synchronization capability and low memory use, there’s not much that can go wrong. It is a serious leader in the market and Firefox download is a synch.

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